Tildren®(tiludronate disodium)
Reduces Bone Resorption

The active ingredient in Tildren is tiludronate disodium, a bisphosphate that achieves its effect by regulating osteoclasts in areas of excessive activity. Following IV infusion, Tildren travels through the blood stream and binds to the mineral matrix of the bone. The acidity of the remodeling environment causes the release of Tildren from the bone matrix to the resorption space. This leads to improved bone remodeling, decreased mineral loss and alleviation of pain induced by abnormal osteolysis.

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  1. Tildren binds preferentially to the mineral phase of the bone at remodeling sites.
  2. Acidification breaks the bond.
  3. Tildren is taken into the osteoclast by endocytosis.

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Product Efficacy

Tildren® (tiludronate disodium) given at 1mg/kg IV, in conjunction with corrective shoeing, proved to be more effective in controlling clinical signs associated with navicular syndrome when evaluated at two months post-treatment compared to corrective shoeing alone.1


Freedom of Information Summary. NASA #141-420. Approved February 13, 2014.

Success at Two Months Post-Treatment